About Us

The mission of Scott County Public Service Authority is to provide all people in Scott County access to an adequate supply of affordable, safe drinking water and to furnish the Duffield, Gate City, Nickelsville, and Weber City areas with effective and reliable sewer service.  SCPSA operates on revenue from water and sewer bills and does not receive tax revenue.  We were established in 1971 by the Scott County Board of Supervisors.  Prior to 2000, SCPSA consisted mainly of water systems in the Hiltons, East Carters Valley, and Duffield/Pattonsville areas and the Holston Regional Sewer System in Weber City.  In 2001, we obtained the Moccasin Gap Sanitation District Commission water system in Weber City and the Duffield Development Authority water and wastewater systems.  From 2000 to 2016, the Scott County PSA constructed 38 drinking water projects and 3 sewer projects.  During that time we experienced rapid growth as our number of customers expanded from just over 1,000 persons to approximately 10,000.  From 2017 to 2021, we constructed 16 drinking water projects and one sewer project.  As of 2021, SCPSA provided public water service to about 13,000 persons and sewer service to about 3,000 persons.  In 2021, there remained about 6,000 persons not receiving public water service in Scott County.  Of these, a significant percentage obtain their water from inadequate or unsafe groundwater wells and springs.  It is the goal of the PSA to extend our water system to supply water to those residents in need of and desiring public water.  Please see our list of Current Projects and Proposed Projects under News & Notices to check our progress in meeting this goal.